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Suffocate me,
Strangle out these memories
I'd bleed myself away for you
If only you'd help me to forget
All of my dead-end happiness
From days and weeks and months ago, still lingering: a shadow.

Like an unacheivable dream
I see you offering your phantom hand to me
Always just far enough away
That I can never reach it.
All of our hatred and our rage
Boils us down to meatless skin and bones
Until we're begging to be saved
From our own pointless self destructions.

My mind is a prison and a gift
If only I didn't feel so worthless
Then the echos that bounce off these prison walls
Could make me smile and love again
Instead of wishing I could end this.

So just suffocate me,
Choke out all my pent-up tears
And kill me off
So when I wake again
These memories will really be gone
And not simply repressed or stored away,
Waiting for another day
To show me all the disasters that have made me
Whoever it is I have become.

I want to murder myself
So that I can be someone else
This came to mind today....I don't really know what it's supposed to mean, as far as what was going through my head and all.

I'm not suicidal, btw :D
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October 25, 2008
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