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I go to bed before I'm really tired
And I wake without getting sleep
This sick redundancy, inevitable
I miss you more each week.
I dyed my hair and changed my ways
But nothing could have prepared me
For the blow of feeling betrayed.
Liars, fake appearances
Her words were sharp enough to kill,
His ironic enough to put me to eternal sleep
"I hope the chaos in your life settles down soon"
Do you know how much your words still make me weep?
"I'm getting better every week", I say
To comfort you
But I know that no one's fooled
Not even me
And each day that I'm not in your arms
Just makes me slip further away...
The lights are dimming slowly
In the darkness, who will send hope out to comfort me?
Her lies, their accusations
Or his soundless, heartless silence
So thick and fattening
Oh watch me burn
I'll flame so brightly
In this hatred and this loss
Don't cry for me; all tears have already fallen and dried
In this desert of lies.
Just some weird thing I wrote this week.

I'm to tired to think of a fitting title, so it's stuck with a lame one.
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October 25, 2008
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